The Running Back the Eagles Will (Probably) Draft, Part 1

In this segment I will determine the few players that the Eagles will likely pursue in the draft at each position of need, and when they will select them. As we discussed in our positional breakdown of the Eagles and their offseason needs, the Birds don't have a true number 1 running back that can … Continue reading The Running Back the Eagles Will (Probably) Draft, Part 1

Analyzing NFL Drafts by Position

And why the Raiders are a huge team to watch this April "Gruden, how many spots do you want to move up in the draft?"Credit CBS Sports Every year mock drafts emerge that are completely wrong. It’s natural, it’s what happens- picks get traded, one team rated someone higher than they should’ve, someone gets caught in a scandal just before draft night. It makes mock drafts inherently inconsistent. Mocks … Continue reading Analyzing NFL Drafts by Position