Combine Day 1 Results that are Relevant to the Eagles

Backup RB to Saquon Barkley, Miles Sanders is on the Eagles’ Radar.
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On the first day of the NFL Combine, offensive linemen, running backs, kickers, and punters showed off their athleticism. Let’s take a look at the most relevant and interesting athletic performances that could apply to the Eagles come draft time.

RB Mike Weber runs sub 4.5 40-yard dash and 22 bench press reps

Ohio State RB, Mike Weber, started the Combine saying that he was being “slept on.” Weber likely woke some people up on the first day of the Combine after showing off excellent speed and strength for a guy of his size.

Weber ran a 4.47 40-yard dash, and posted 22 reps on the bench. At 5’10” and 211 lbs. Weber is the ideal size for an NFL RB. With this showing of athleticism, Weber has earned the attention of more NFL scouts already.

We did a film breakdown of Weber, pointing out that he could be a major target of the Eagles this April.

RBs Darrell Henderson and Miles Sanders Post Similar #s to Weber

RBHeight–Weight40-yard dash (seconds)Bench Press reps
Mike Weber5’10”–211 lbs.4.4722
Darrell Henderson5’8″–208 lbs.4.4922
Miles Sanders5’11”–211 lbs.4.4920

Henderson and Sanders are also on the Eagles’ radar as late Day 2, Day 3 prospects.

Sanders’ numbers at the Combine certainly helped out his stock, and he is absolutely a RB to keep an eye on, as the Eagles used one of their 60 player meetings on him.

OT/OG Dalton Risner Meets with Eagles, Underperforms on Day 1

The Eagles may be looking at the Kansas State O-lineman as a first-round prospect, who can play both on the interior and exterior offensive line. The Eagles LOVE players who can play multiple positions, especially on the o-line (think Seumalo, Vaitai, and Wisniewski).*

Risner didn’t perform particularly badly at the Combine, but he didn’t stand out like NFL scouts may have wanted. See for yourself:

40-Yard Dash (rank)Bench Press (rank)Vertical Jump (rank)Broad Jump (rank)3-Cone Drill (rank)20-Yard Shuttle (rank)
5.30 secs. (34th)23 reps (tied-24th)28.5 inches (tied-15th)110 inches (13th)7.69 secs. (12th)4.52 secs. (4th)

*I constantly have to check the spelling on each of those three guys.

OT Andre Dillard Steals the Show

Though Washington State OT Andre Dillard has not met with the Eagles, their interest in Risner may imply that they could be targeting o-linemen early in the draft.

Many believe that Dillard will be long gone by the time the Eagles pick at 25, and after his showing at the Combine, it only makes sense:

40-Yard Dash (rank)Bench Press (rank)Vertical Jump (rank)Broad Jump (rank)3-Cone Drill (rank)20-Yard Shuttle (rank)
4.96 secs. (4th)24 reps (tied-23rd)29 inches (tied-14th)118 inches (1st)7.44 secs. (2nd)4.4 secs. (1st)

Dillard is 6’5″ and 315 lbs.

Although it’s extremely unlikely that Dillard will be drafted by the Eagles, they have to now have an eye on him, as they love athletic OTs like Jason Peters and Lane Johnson.

Eagles Meet with San Diego State OT Ryan Pope, who is huge

At 6’7″ and 320 lbs., Ryan Pope draws Jordan Mailata comparisons, though Mailata is still bigger:

Ryan Pope6’7″320 lbs.
Jordan Mailata6’8″346 lbs.

Pope only did the bench press, and put up 25 reps. For reference, one of the top centers in the draft, N.C. State’s Garrett Bradbury, put up 34 reps (the second best for o-linemen), and he is 6’3″ and 306 lbs.

So maybe the Eagles like athletic, huge OTs (who doesn’t?), and the only one who really lines up with that of the ones we highlighted here was Dillard, who they have little chance at drafting.

Punters and Kickers did stuff too

This isn’t actually relevant to the Eagles at all. However, Utah punter Mitch Wishnowsky ran a 4.63 40-yard dash, which was cool.

Stay tuned for more Combine updates and relevancies!

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