Each Running Back the Eagles Have Met With at the Combine

David Montgomery, Iowa State. Credit The Des Moines Register

AKA Why the Eagles won’t sign Le’Veon Bell

The Eagles will definitely select a running back in the draft this year, and we at Underdog believe it will be in the second round.

Our only exception would be if RB Josh Jacobs is available at pick 25, in which case 24 really good, mostly defensive players would have to be drafted before him. If all of the d-linemen that the Eagles are targeting are gone, and Jacobs is still there, then they’ll probably take him.

We’ll update this with every newly reported running back the Eagles meet with. They can hold meetings with up to 60 players at the Combine, so the attention to the running back position implies that they are prioritizing the position in the draft.

This makes sense, but it doesn’t bode well for Le’Veon Bell hopefuls.

Here’s the list, last updated 2/18 @10:49pm

  • David Montgomery, Iowa State, per Brandon Lee Gowton
  • Miles Sanders, Penn State, per Eagles Nation
  • Trayveon Williams, Texas A&M, per Eagles Nation
  • Damien Harris, Alabama, per Eagles Nation. We listed Harris as one of the RBs the Eagles could be targeting
  • Bryce Love, Stanford, per Eagles Nation
  • Dexter Williams, Notre Dame, per Eagles Nation
  • Josh Jacobs, Alabama, per Elliott Shorr-Parks
  • Travis Homer, Miami, per Elliott Shorr-Parks
  • Myles Gaskin, Washington, per Elliott Shorr-Parks

Other notables:

  • Benny Snell, the Kentucky RB said he has talked to so many teams he can’t remember, when asked if he had met with the Eagles, per Elliott Shorr-Parks
  • Mike Weber says he’s been “slept on” at the Combine, per Dan Hope. Apparently hasn’t had much attention so far. We listed Weber as one of the RBs the Eagles could be targeting.

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