Underdog’s Big Board 1.0

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. (Credit to Arizona Sports)

The NFL Draft is probably my favorite part of the NFL season. The playoffs are great, and if the Eagles are in it they’re obviously the focus of all my attention, but when the dust has settled on the season I immediately began researching college prospects. The only year that I didn’t put maximum effort into the NFL Draft was last year after the Eagles won the Super Bowl, and that’s because they had the worst pick in the draft, I felt they didn’t need much improvement (ha), and I just didn’t care as much because they had just won the Super Bowl!

This year, however, the Birds have 9 draft picks, and a lot of question marks. When they lost to the Saints, the research began. That research took a few turns and became this website.

So, here’s some of that research. I graded 71 college players—the ones considered to be the top at each position based on multiple NFL scouts—and gave them my own take. There are a lot of takes that many people will disagree very strongly with.

Before my list, allow me to lay out a few rules. I watched one full film of one game for each player, and I tried to pick the highest competition available for each player. For example, if Mike Weber had two available games to watch film on, one against Maryland and one against Clemson, I’m going to watch the tougher matchup, which is Clemson (being from Maryland I know how disappointing the Terps football team is, and always has been). That film had to be from this year, and if I rewatched film for different players, or saw other graded players in new film, I wouldn’t change grades already set because of a performance in another game.

Lastly, I graded based on performance, and how a prospect was as a player, and not their potential or upside. For example, you may notice that Josh Allen is not in my top ten. Or that close to it. That may anger some people, as well as fans of other players who were not ranked based on their potential, but I graded as fairly as possible.

And on that note, if you have any major disagreements, or if I left anyone out, please give me your opinion. I live for these discussions. I love the NFL Draft.

With that, here’s my top 50 players in the draft:

Nick Bosa, Ohio State (Credit to ElevenWarriors.com)
RankPlayerPositionGradePos. Rank
1Nick BosaEDGE96.251
2Kyler MurrayQB951
3Greg LittleOT951
4Jonah WilliamsOT94.752
5Ed OliverDT93.51
6Quinnen WilliamsDT93.252
7Clelin FerrellEDGE92.52
8Deandre BakerCB92.51
9Trayvon MullenCB92.252
10Taylor RappS921
11Greedy WilliamsCB91.53
12Irv Smith Jr.TE91.51
13Ross PierschbacherC91.251
14Jerry TilleryDT913
15Devin WhiteLB911
16Riley RidleyWR90.751
17Noah FantTE90.752
18Elgton JenkinsC90.752
19Devin BushLB90.252
Josh Jacobs, Alabama (Credit to 247Sports.com)
20D.K. MetcalfWR902
21Montez SweatEDGE89.753
22Mack WilsonLB89.753
23Connor McGovernG89.751
24N’Keal HarryWR89.53
25Cody FordG89.52
26Brian BurnsEDGE89.254
27Hakeem ButlerWR89.254
28Josh JacobsRB88.751
29Rashan GaryDT88.254
30Dre’Mont JonesDT87.755
31Chauncey Gardner-JohnsonS87.752
32Byron MurphyCB87.54
33Yodny CajusteOT87.53
34Damien HarrisRB87.252
35T.J. EdwardsLB87.254
36Jawaan TaylorOT874
37Michael JordanG873
38A.J. BrownWR86.255
39Dalton RisnerG86.254
Jarrett Stidham, Auburn (Credit to Auburn Athletics)
40Marquise BrownWR85.756
41Jarrett StidhamQB85.752
42Josh AllenEDGE85.755
43Kaden SmithTE85.53
44Jachai PoliteEDGE856
45Jonathan AbramS84.753
46Jeffery SimmonsDT84.756
47Dwayne HaskinsQB84.53
48Rodney AndersonRB84.5T3
49Bryce LoveRB84.5T3
50Garrett BradburyC84.53

A few notable absentees from the top 50:

Christian Wilkins is #51

Deionte Thompson is #55

Drew Lock is #57

Will Grier is #64

And Daniel Jones is #70

I will be using this Big Board until the NFL Combine, where I will update my rankings of players with more objective athleticism ratings. Until then, this is what I will use for mock drafts and whatever else I make.

Again, if you have any questions, comments, or disagreements, please feel free to start a debate with me. Tweet me @UnderdogEagles or email me at underdogeagles52@gmail.com. I really truly look forward to discussing some of my rankings with you.

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